The DevOps Accelerator

A fully managed Release Orchestration and Continuous Deployment platform for Kubernetes

The Challenges


Most of the companies have two or more tool chains to support their development and operations. These tool chains primarily consist of scripts or hard coded custom integrations leading to the following challenges for the companies.

  • Observability
  • Debuggability
  • Security
  • Cost Optimization
  • Resource Optimization

The Devtron

Devtron is an Open Source Release Orchestration and Lifecycle Management Platform for DevOps and Developers. This platform acts like a DevOps tool chain which can be extended through plugins to integrate with different open source and commercial DevOps tools. Companies can then adopt best DevOps practices to continuously improve their deployment frequency without compromising security, stability and cost.

Devtron consists of a set of applications which are deployed on a Kubernetes cluster in your infrastructure. It is through these applications that deployments on different Kubernetes clusters are managed. Some of the controllers are deployed on the managed clusters which control blue-green and canary deployments within the clusters.


Devtron as a Platform

CI/CD system, cost optimization, resource optimization, alerting monitoring system integrated into one platform. You no longer have to worry about writing scripts, testing out scripts and enhancing the scripts. This is driven through well defined API integrations and configurations.


In-built Resource & Performance Optimization

You don't have to worry about over or under provisioning of your nodes, the system automatically watches all the workload, recommends and apply the recommend right configurations. It can be configured to apply automatically in a way which are DR compliant.



New to Kubernetes or tired of remembering and running countless kubectl commands using right kubeconfig? This platform has built grounds up for debuggability, it watches hundreds of signals across clusters and self triangulates the problem allowing you to reduce negative user impact substantially.


Infinitely parallel caching for CI

Advanced caching strategy caches docker image, layers, dependencies, directories and shares it across multiple builds for the same code base. This gives the benefit of executing unlimited builds concurrently while enjoying the performance benefits of cached data.

Key Features

Fine grained access control

Go beyond Kubernetes RBAC control, decide who can edit configuration, who can do deployment, who can create new pipelines on which environments. Control it the way you want to.

Audit logs

Knowing who did what and when allows you to secure your system completely and take immediate remedial actions based on conditions.

Installed within your infrastructure

Have the benefit of SAAS product within the security of your infrastructure. All new features are available to you without your data ever leaving the safety of your infrastructure.

DevOps metrics

Are your agile processes working? Measure the impact of change in your processes through important metrics like deployment frequency, change failure rate, mean time to recovery.

Developer metrics

Are your developers enjoying the work? Check how many lines of code developers are releasing to the production in comparison to the code they write.

Easy across environments management of application

No longer worry about divergence across environments. See difference across multiple environments for applications, charts and reconcile them with ease and confidence.

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