Container Talks: Knowledge Sharing Meetup

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By Swapnil V. Patil

Wednesday, 7th of September 2022, we had our first online Meetup by ContainerTalks. ContainerTalks is an initiative by Devtron to share knowledge and experiences in the Cloud Native domain.

Meet the Speakers

We had two exciting talks by Neependra Khare and Abhinav Dubey. The talk consists of the following topics -

What a Developer needs to know about DevOps?

Speaker: Neependra Khare,
Founder & Principal Consultant at CloudYuga
18+ Years of Experience in Industry,
CNCF Ambassador

He spoke about how conventional software development has highly specialized teams solely responsible for a few discrete tasks, like testing. The main issue with this strategy is that it frequently results in silos inside organizations, which can lead to bottlenecks that substantially reduce productivity and slow the release process.

He explained how by combining several strategies, approaches, and tools, DevOps enables teams to deliver and deploy products and services more quickly than they could be using conventional software development methods. Agile and test-driven development are just a few examples of the processes and techniques it incorporates from R&D and operational disciplines. It promotes the formation of multidisciplinary teams where each member is responsible for various duties. DevOps also automates all phases, such as developing, testing, and releasing applications.

Neependra used an interesting metaphor for software development lifecycle; where he explained how platform teams create paved path for developer to follow. This helps have a structured method to go from code to production; with minimal hiccups.  

How is this paved path created?

  • Creating abstraction over cloud providers
  • Well defined CI/CD pipeline
  • Centralised monitoring and logging
  • Built-in security measures
  • Dedicated on-boarding team
  • Self service to replicate a setup

DevOps substitutes automated continuous deployment and infrastructure as code for the bureaucratic change control, and firefighting systems administrators are used to. The sysadmin transforms into an operations engineer, designing and quickly spinning up standardized, pre-configured systems in a public or private cloud utilizing new technologies like Puppet and Chef (as well as Ansible and Salt, Vagrant, and Docker). Wait times are reduced as a result, and reliability is increased.

Following this he gave a brief over view on concepts like how cloud works; how CI/CD is implemented. Software distribution is automated through a CI/CD pipeline. The pipeline builds code, conducts tests (CI), and securely releases an updated application (CD). Automated pipelines eliminate human error, give developers uniform feedback loops, and facilitate quick product iterations.

The discussion also covered deployment strategies like:

  • Blue/Green
  • Canary
  • Rolling updates

You can watch the video of the talk here on Youtube:

Deploy your MERN stack over k8s with only a few clicks

Speaker: Abhinav Dubey,
DevOps Engineer at Devtron Inc
Opensource Enthusiast & DevOps Practitioner

In the second talk, Abhinav demonstrated the deployment of the MERN stack application over Kubernetes. One of the hottest issues in the tech sector at the moment is Kubernetes. . However, Kubernetes prevailed in the battle of container orchestration because to a wealth of superb capabilities it offers. DevOps and Kubernetes complement one other since Kubernetes makes many DevOps methods possible.

See you at the next Meetup

The next meetup is on 21st September 2022, with two exciting topics. Check it out here. To make sure you stay updated, follow us on Twitter, and feel free to join our discord community server.

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