Devtron turns one 🎉

In the Open Source spirit, our core team would love to help 30 organizations to accelerate 🚀 their journey adopting Kubernetes via Devtron!!!

And, all we need is your feedback and possibly a good word from you about Devtron.

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Accelerate your Kubernetes adoption now
Our core team would love to help you in the journey to adopt Kubernetes using Devtron. Since we are only a handful of individuals, we can only support 30 companies for now.
We ask nothing much in return; honest feedback and suggestions on how to improve Devtron so that we can serve the community even better.
If you like Devtron, putting in a good word among your Peers would also take us a long long way!! 😄
Play a bigger role in making Devtron better than ever, collaborate with us!!
Get assistance in migrating to Kubernetes and efficiently deploy them via Devtron!!
Get support and maintenance for the deployed applications over Kubernetes.
Know more about Devtron and its features. 👉

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