Accelerate Cloud-Native Adoption

Strike a perfect equilibrium between automation driven efficiency, and managing operational complexity. Devtron helps Telco's migrate applications to production-ready Kubernetes in weeks, not years.

How Devtron Works

Developers use the interface to build, containerize, and deploy with a 360-degree view of deployments. DevOps and SREs exercise control over every Kubernetes resource and infrastructure, with multi-cluster observability and better functional debugging capabilities.

Product Capabilities

Unified Platform and Cluster Life Cycle Management (LCM)

  • Automated deployment and LCM for platform (e.g. OpenShift) including testing and certification before onboarding.
  • Creation, update and destruction of Kubernetes clusters at real-time speed, and at scale.

Automation of Telco Workload Deployment, Config, Setup and LCM

  • Automated CNF deployment across multiple, hybrid K8s clusters on bare-metal or private/public cloud infrastructure.
  • Creation of deployment/configuration/setup workflows to trigger automation actions, including integration to existing and new tools like multi-vendor CNFMs.
  • Automated Day 2 Operations and LCM for platform and application ecosystem.

Complete Ecosystem LCM Through Closed-Loop DevOps

  • Unified Orchestration and LCM Platform with integrated work-flow engine to address closed loop deployment, on-boarding, configuration and testing automation for multi-vendor CNFs.
  • Provides flexibility to integrate with existing tool-chain components like multi-vendor deployment and testing frameworks.

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The Leading Platform for Accelerated Kubernetes Adoption

Do you want a successful Kubernetes migration? Devtron can help get your applications migrated and into production in a matter of weeks.