Devtron Release Notes 🚀 November 2021

2 years ago   •   2 min read

By Shubham Kumar

Hallo Leute !!

Devtron is back on its track sending Release notes for all Devtron Labs users to let you know about the amazing features that we are releasing every month.

Let’s get a sneak peak into these product updates.

What's new ?

  1. Kubernetes version 1.22 released back in August 2021 introduced a lot of broken changes due to the removal of multiple deprecated apis, we have released 4.10.x charts in Devtron which are completely compatible with Kubernetes version 1.22 and help you migrate your apps from previous versions.
  2. Newly released “App create API” is available for your use. You can use this API to create/clone multiple apps even on multiple devtron instances.
  3. Support for self-hosted Github enterprise accounts has been added in GitOps Configs. Users can now add their self hosted Github enterprise account in GitOps configs.
  4. You can now set up SSH key based git access for Devtron to access your Git repositories even more securely. Check out the documentation Git auth SSH key .

What's improved ?

  1. To make the application debugging issues more convenient, Devtron now gives the ability to see multiple pod replica logs as switching and checking logs for multiple pods of same deployments made debugging a mess.

2.  You can now force delete the application/chart from the UI even though the ArgoCD app linked to it is deleted or renders an error for this.

3.  Git submodules fetch can now be enabled with just a click so you won’t have to add each submodule's git repo separately. Check out the documentation - Git Modules .

What's fixed ?

  1. Values in deployment templates are now validated against a schema which ensures that users are less prone to making errors when editing deployment templates.

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