Why enable Full-Stack Kubernetes Visibility and How?

TL;DR: Traditional, domain-centric monitoring solutions simply cannot give DevOps and SRE Engineers the complete picture of the application ecosystem they need for for your K8s applications from beginning to end.

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By Vishwas N

While a new enthusiastic world has emerged that is hungry to scale infrastructure on Kubernetes, it is getting increasingly difficult for IT teams to monitor application behavior, performance, and health of the application to spot problems before they negatively affect the end-user experience and the company's perception. This is because the technology landscape of the Kubernetes Ecosystem and the Engineering practices are becoming increasingly complicated.

Traditional, domain-centric monitoring solutions simply cannot give DevOps and SRE Engineers the complete picture of the application ecosystem they need. It is because they were not designed for a higher degree of diversity and agility. The complexity is only going to increase from here.

Every Business Logic starts with capacity planning, but as the system grows at the scale, it is more important to understand how it will impact Kubernetes adoption. This technology decision is going to make a lot of impact on how we are going to scale in real-time.

How can businesses close the visibility gap between correlating all the real-time data getting generated from their application delivery chain to an outcome? Let's introduce Full-Stack Kubernetes Visibility.

What is a Full-stack Kubernetes Visibility?

Real-time Kubernetes visibility throughout an entire technological stack, including applications, software-defined computing, storage, services, and networks, is known as Full-Stack Kubernetes Visibility. Utilizing high-fidelity telemetry (also known as metrics, events, logs, and traces, or MELT) gathered from an organization's complete IT Infrastructure gives businesses comprehensive visibility into the behavior, performance, and general health of their application and supporting infrastructure.

IT teams can gain a thorough understanding of the dependencies and topologies of their massively distributed application stacks through Full-Stack Kubernetes Visibility. They can readily access, browse, search, and analyze a vast amount of data, and they can link the effectiveness of applications to business results.

Log analyzer in the Real time Action on Devtron
Log analyzer in the Real time Action on Devtron

Why do I need Full-Stack Kubernetes visibility for my business?

Technologists worldwide are becoming further interested in Kubernetes Visibility as they struggle to control the rising IT complexity while successfully delivering innovation at scale in this digital-first era. On the surface, it's simple to claim that the reason for its rising popularity is that it enables you to provide top-notch experiences for your clients and staff, but let's delve a little deeper.

Deepen your understanding of application ecosystem

To better understand an application's behavior, performance, and health, Full-Stack Kubernetes Visibility closes gaps in understanding the vast data points and gives IT teams complete insight across all the components, dependencies (including that outside of their control plane), and performance indicators. This 360-degree visibility helps you track additional information about the application's health and gives you insights on how tone can scale for performance and optimization.

Real time view of the resources used - CPU, Memory, Throughput and Latency
Real time view of the resources used - CPU, Memory, Throughput and Latency

Dissolve organizational silos and better coordinate with your IT staff.

Continuous application and Cloud modernization widen this gap by placing domain-centric, divergent DevOps tools in the hands of workers that support the application delivery chain. Full-stack Kubernetes Visibility unifies IT teams around a common context, removing blame, lowering MTTI (Mean Time to Identify)/ MTTR (Mean Time to Resolve), and decreasing application downtime.

The Digital revolution is occurring at an unprecedented rate, and technologists are working overtime to put new ideas into practice on previously unthinkable timelines. Projects that once took a year or longer now go online in months or weeks.

Businesses are utilizing a vast web of legacy components, third-party services, and application programming interfaces while embracing cloud-native technologies, micro-services, and containerized components on a big scale to enable this rapid development life cycle (APIs) on Kubernetes today.

Priortize concerns according to their impact on users and the business

Additionally, operational silos make it very challenging for IT teams to recognize when and how a problem negatively affects the user experience and the business. Full-stack Kubernetes Visibility prioritizes what issues to fix first, what to rebuild in the CI/CD, what to optimize to maintain customer loyalty, and how to increase revenue by linking the right application performance to outcomes.

Actively identify and fix issues before they have an impact on performance

The limited response time provided by traditional monitoring solutions forces IT, staff to quickly locate and fix issues before they have an impact on end users' performance. They can adopt a proactive approach to tracking and diagnosing issues up front and fixing them without customers or staff members ever knowing. This is made possible by Full-stack Kubernetes Visibility.

View on the number of the nodes that are being created on the Kubernetes Cluster
functionality of Drain, Cordon and Taints on your nodes

Optimize the cost and efficiency for your infrastructure

It is challenging to estimate with any degree of accuracy how much processing, storage, and network resources application components will be needed and when they will need, especially if a business has seasonal changes. Full-stack Kubernetes Visibility gives InfraOps/ Kubernetes Managers teams the capability to instantly simulate “what-if scenarios”, and precisely forecast capacity. This allows the “Ops Team” to allocate appropriate resources in real-time, enabling them to take preventative action and save infrastructure costs while maximizing performance.

Adapt your technological choices to your business needs.

The core of many businesses is their software applications. However, the IT and business teams frequently make key choices in isolation. Full-stack Kubernetes Visibility includes all parties and links application performance to results so that parties can collaborate and decide what is most important.

Improve the way you handle application security.

Applications are now more susceptible to security attacks as the technology stack is getting sophisticated and unpredictable. The consequences of a data breach can be catastrophic. Full-stack Kubernetes Visibility unites AppOps and SecOps teams to identify and fix vulnerabilities in seconds instead of weeks, safeguarding the company's reputation and bottom line.

This is the view of the real time events on the Kubernetes cluster
List of events in the real time on Kubernetes Cluster

How Devtron will help you enable your Full Stack Kubernetes Visibility?

With Devtron accelerates delivery and deployments, it also helps you decide and prioritize business goals faster. Devtron will not just help get CI/CD to Kubernetes but also helps you understand infrastructure rigged on Kubernetes, giving you complete visibility of the Kubernetes in terms of CPU, Memory, and performance.

We are an open source Security first DevOps tool that helps in easy Kubernetes Software delivery and a tool that helps you in optimizing resources and much more.

View of the list of Pods from Resource Browser in Devtron
View of the list of Pods from Resource Browser in Devtron
  • Creating a shared context and coordinating IT teams to support your current technology stack.
  • Streamlining the operations of the teams responsible for maintaining your technology.
  • Unifying them with relevant, helpful information from a single solution that offers whole, end-to-end application visibility combined with potent user and business intelligence.
  • Surpass client expectations by taking proactive measures to fix issues before they impact the digital experience.
  • Utilizing our cutting-edge Kubernetes Visibility capabilities to quickly prioritize, isolate, and fix issues while ensuring that end users and crucial business metrics are not harmed.

Confidently resolve issues faster with Devtron

The failure of a Service is a common problem that affects new Kubernetes installations. To be able to fix a service, DevOps and SRE may face further issues in accessing the pod. Such issues are easily fixed in production using Devtron. Devtron helps you make informed judgments, pay attention to delivering innovation that generates income streams while speeding digital transformation, and keep an eye on what matters by debugging the application performance to business objectives.

Visit Devtron’s Github page to begin the installation. The well-maintained documentation makes installation and troubleshooting a breeze. You can reach out to the team on their dedicated discord community server for any queries.

Feel free to explore Devtron. Star us if you liked the project.

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