Introducing Devtron, the open-source tools integration platform for Kubernetes

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By Divya Bhushan, Abhinav Dubey,

Devtron is an open-source tools integration platform for Kubernetes built on the top of some of the most popular and trusted open-source tools like ArgoCD, Clair, Argo Workflows, Casbin, Lens, Jetstream, etc and provides the flexibility to easily integrate with any open source or enterprise tools like Prometheus, Grafana, Newrelic, EFK stack, APM, etc.

With the release of Devtron v0.4.0, you can now customize your tool stack and integrate with various tools selectively and in a modular approach. Devtron acts as a direct interface between Kubernetes and its users by letting users deeply integrate with popular cloud-native tools and provide a unified dashboard.

Key highlights:

  • Devtron's latest release extends the functionality of your Devtron stack by using integrations, which allow development teams to seamlessly integrate with various tools.
  • It includes plugins for Pre-build and Post-build stages, that can be built using a preset plugin or custom scripts.
  • Devtron can now be updated to the latest version from the dashboard.
  • Devtron now links to external third-party Monitoring tools from within your dashboard, which enables switching to the tool's page with the complete context of your resources.

Devtron Integrations

All the integrations can be installed on top of the Devtron base installation, to extend the functionality of your Devtron stack. Multiple integrations will be supported by Devtron soon.  Some of the upcoming integrations include Security, cost analysis and CI/CD without GitOps. You can also request for an integration here.

For more information, refer to the Devtron Integrations documentation.

CI/CD Integration

Devtron currently supports the CI/CD integration to automate the build and deployment process, enabling the software development teams to be more productive while integrating seamlessly with various tools.

To discover and install the integrations, head to the Devtron Stack Manager > Discover page.

Devtron integrations
Devtron integrations

Easier updates using Devtron Stack Manager

Devtron can now be updated from the Devtron dashboard. Visit Devtron Stack Manager > About Devtron page to check for the latest updates available.

Updating Devtron from Stack Manager
Updating Devtron from Stack Manager
The documentation on Update Devtron from Devtron UI provides more details on the install/update process.

Plugins for Pre-build and Post-build CI tasks

The CI Pipeline includes Pre-build and Post-build plugins to execute some standard tasks, such as Code analysis, Load testing, Security scanning, etc. You can build custom Pre/Post tasks or select from one of the available preset plugins provided by Devtron by selecting an existing CI build pipeline.

Pre-build stage
Create Pre-build and Post-build tasks

The external links allow you to connect to the third-party Monitoring tools within your Devtron dashboard. The external links take you directly to the tool's page with the complete context of the application, environment, pod, and container.

External links
Third-party external links
To configure an external link, head to the Global configurations > External links page.

Who should use Devtron?

One of the main objectives of Devtron is to accelerate your Kubernetes software delivery workflows.
Devtron is for you; if you are a DevOps/DevSecOps Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, Developer, QA Engineer, or any stakeholder involved in the product lifecycle.

Get started with Devtron

Give your software delivery workflow a boost by installing Devtron! If you already have an existing version of Devtron, you can update Devtron to the latest version.

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