Devtron Year in Review 2023

Devtron made significant strides in accelerating Kubernetes adoption and rolling out impactful product updates. Supported by strategic partnerships, global engagements and a strong community, we achieved notable growth in the cloud-native DevOps landscape.

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By Akanksha Bhasin

2023 has been a phenomenal year for us. As we bid farewell to a remarkable year, it's time to pause, reflect, and celebrate the extraordinary journey. We soared to new heights, achieving milestones and making impactful strides in the world of Cloud-native DevOps solutions. Let’s take a deep dive into the key feature releases, global engagements, strategic partnerships, and community acknowledgments that have defined our transformative year.

💼 All Things Product

We channeled our efforts into expanding our product suite for DevOps and cloud-native development, focusing on fostering efficient workflows, encouraging collaboration, enhancing developer productivity and ensuring robust governance. We simplified the building and pushing capabilities across diverse platforms, introduced features that magnified team collaboration, provided tools for streamlined debugging and deployment, and braced our systems with robust governance mechanisms.

🌟 Here are the Key Features releases:

1. Resource Browser -  Manage and monitor Kubernetes resources via web browser with our comprehensive dashboard. Say goodbye to endless kubectl commands.

2. Jobs - Optimize workflows by automating sets of repetitive tasks

3. CD Filter - Take charge of when and where deployments occur with our conditional deployment feature.

4. Scoped variable - Global variables that reduce the repetition of defining/updating variables & help make application configuration easier & secure.

5. Notifications - Elevate team collaboration with event-based notifications and approval alerts received directly on your preferred platforms.

6. Image Approval & Config Approval - Ensure deployment accuracy & safeguard your system configurations with this advanced governance feature

But those aren't the only features we've released! There’s much more in store for you. Don’t forget to check out our comprehensive product blog which includes all our detailed product enhancements that will help your team accelerate Kubernetes adoption.

🏄‍♂️ Dig into more detailed insights here:

🌍 Events & Conferences around the globe

  • KubeCon EU & North America: Representing Devtron at one of the largest conferences in the cloud-native world has been a beautiful experience for us. We had a great time exchanging knowledge, gathering insights from industry experts to fuel our development endeavors and immersing in global Kubernetes trends.
  • Diverse Engagements: Participation in multiple events like AWS Reinvent, Kubeday India & Singapore, AWS Summit, DevOps Days Conclave Awards, Insurtech, KCD Bangalore, Hacktoberfest Webinars, DevOps Days Bangalore, partner meetups, and more!                  

🤝 Strengthening Ties with AWS: A Milestone for Devtron

Celebrating one year of the ISV partnership with Amazon Web Services, we have marked numerous achievements within this period:

  • Our product passed verification in just one month, ensuring compliance and quality.
  • Our swift listing on the AWS marketplace resulted in acquiring our first user within two weeks, showcasing swift market adoption.
  • Applying for two competencies, #DevOps and #Graviton, we attained both acknowledgments within a remarkable two-month span after several iterations.

This significant milestone signifies our commitment to deepening our collaboration with AWS, marking an exciting phase in our partnership journey.

🚀 Our Phenomenal Product Hunt Launch

The astounding support we received during our Product Hunt launch was one of our year's high points. The engagement, feedback, and encouragement from the global tech community fueled our voyage to new heights, earning us a feature in the highly regarded Product Hunt newsletter.

🏆 Honoured at DevOps days Conclave Awards

With immense pride, we accepted accolades at the DevOps Days Conclave Awards as the “Most Innovative DevOps Vendor”.

💗 We love you 3000!

We reached 3.7k stars on GitHub! This honour is a testament to the trust and support that developers worldwide have shown us. 🌟

These enriching interactions are more than just memories; they have become the stepping stones shaping our strategic roadmap for 2024. 🚀

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