Devtron Release Notes 🚀 December 2021

2 years ago   •   2 min read

By Shubham Kumar

2021 had its ups and downs, but we came through this challenge and are humbled by your grit and determination. We are really thankful to all of you for being a part of this journey.

As we step into a bright new year full of new opportunities let’s not forget the days which drove us to an amazing end of this year. This last month of 2021, the Devtron team rolled-out a bunch of new features enriching the feature-list of Devtron.

Here's a sneak peak into some of the features Devtron Labs users might be interested in:

What's new ?

  1. Devtron now provides you the support of attaching multiple deployment pipelines to a single build pipeline, in its workflow editor. This feature lets you deploy an image first to stage, run tests and then deploy the same image to production.

2.  Devtron now supports Jobs and Cron Jobs charts which can be integrated within the native Devtron workflow like you do for your regular microservices. Refer Job/Cronjob Documentation.

3.  Want to scale your micro services based on Kafka lags or based on throughput metrics from prometheus? Devtron 4.11.x and above charts now support all Keda Scalers. To configure custom event based autoscaling in your microservices refer Devtron Keda autoscaling documentation.

What's improved ?

  1. Users now see percentile latencies of their applications deployed through Devtron on the dashboard.

2.  Devtron now gives the flexibility to select between different chart types at the time of configuring the deployment template. Some types supported out of the box are Rollout Deployment, Job/Cronjob, Knative.

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