Devtron Release Notes - November 2019

5 years ago   •   1 min read

By Prakarsh

Hi folks,

This Thanksgiving we are adding some important features to the Devtron tool to make your life even more easier (Safely assuming we’ve already made it a lot easier).
Here’s a sneak peek of the features being released.


  1. You can now deploy all the stable and incubator helm charts (like postgres, kafka, elastic-stack, mysql etc) directly from Devtron dashboard itself with entirely customizable configurations on a click of a button.
  2. These charts will be updated on daily basis so keep looking for new charts as and when they’re available.


  1. You can now create manual CI-pipelines which won’t be automatically triggered on every git commit to the attached branch.
  2. You can now specify build arguments to be used during CI-builds.
  3. You can now Delete a CI pipeline if needed.
  4. You can now create a CI and CD pipeline directly from within a single entity known as Workflow.


  1. You can now switch between different deployment strategies (Rolling, Blue-Green, Canary (Upcoming)) while manually triggering a CD pipeline.
  2. Configmaps and Secrets are now supported.
  3. You can now override entire Deployment configurations for each environment and customize it differently for every environment.
  4. You can now have a broad overview of your deployment stats now.

Please feel free to explore these features on your Devtron portal and give your valuable feedback or suggestions on the new as well as existing features to us at

Happy Thanks Giving!

Team Devtron


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