Product Updates May 2024

Simplify your K8s workflow with features like Releases for streamlined deployments, Resource Watcher for automated incident resolution and enhanced resource visibility through label propagation. Plus, improved observability and bug fixes make your life easier!

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By Bhushan Nemade
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Welcome to the monthly product updates from Devtron.
We are all excited to share monthly updates with you. Devtron’s May release is packed with powerful features and enhancements we crafted to streamline your workflow and unlock new levels of efficiency.

What’s New

Customer-End Deployments: Utilizing Software Distribution Hub

In today's microservices-driven world, customer-end deployments have become increasingly complex. With multiple microservices powering each application, managing versions, dependencies, and configurations for every release can be a nightmare. A single oversight in this complex web can lead to service disruptions, affecting customer business and trust. We’ve come up with a comprehensive solution that bundles all essential information for a specific release into one unit. This feature allows you to:

  • Package all necessary details, including involved microservices, their dependencies, and the sequence of release into a single bundle.
  • Bridge the gap between different teams and stakeholders. With all information centralized, everyone from developers to operations can access the same data, facilitating better communication.
  • For Release Managers, the bundled release offers a clear, comprehensive view of the deployment, guaranteeing a smooth and hassle-free process.
  • This feature offers enhanced transparency into the current operational status and any potential issues. This visibility simplifies troubleshooting, making it easier to maintain service quality.

Here's a video below for a quick walkthrough of the Releases feature -

Auto-Remediation on Events: Resource Watcher

We've all been there—an error event pops up in your monitoring stack, and you know exactly how to fix it. But by the time you implement the solution, the damage is already done. Delayed incident resolution can lead to extended service disruptions, lost revenue, and unhappy customers. Moreover, it keeps your skilled engineers tied up with routine tasks when they could be driving innovation elsewhere. To overcome this issue Devrtron has come up with a new entity called Resource Watcher. Which provides an automated remediation system to detect and resolve known issues automatically, without human intervention. Which helps in:

  • Reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR): By automating responses to known error events, it dramatically reduces the time between detection and resolution. The result? Minimal impact on your operations and customer experience.
  • Boost Operational Efficiency: Human error during high-stress incident response is common. Our automated system follows predefined, tested procedures every time, ensuring consistent, accurate remediation.
  • Every action is logged in detail, providing a clear trail for post-incident analysis, compliance, and continuous improvement.

Annotation and Label Propagation

We've introduced a new feature to propagate recommended labels and annotations to the Kubernetes resources associated with your applications in Devtron. This enhances resource visibility by easily identifying and grouping related resources. It can be used for application visualizations at different third-party tools. let's say kubecost.

What has Improved

Microservice Metrics Now in Full View

In terms of observability, we're excited to announce the expansion of our metrics coverage across several microservices(kubewatch, lens, notifier-deploy), a move that will significantly boost your ability to monitor, analyze, and debug your systems.

We've weaponized key metrics:

  • Total request volume: Know your traffic, control your destiny
  • HTTP status code spectrum (2xx to 5xx): Spot the issues
  • API latency: Because every millisecond is a millennium to your users
  • Request paths: See which APIs are the heroes, and which need backup

Bug Fixes

  • The issue of some Helm Apps of a namespace that are not visible in the Devtron UI has been resolved.
  • The Linked-CI feature which was not working for older pipelines due to null pipeline_type has been fixed.
  • The issue of missing sidecar containers from the app details page has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue of parent object events not visible.

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