Product Updates: June 2024

TL;DR: Streamline your workflow with features like Software Distribution Hub, customizable deployment templates, environment cloning & AWS CodeCommit support. Allowing for more granular control over deployments, a smoother development experience & increased efficiency.

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By Bhushan Nemade
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Welcome to the monthly product updates from Devtron.

We are all excited to share monthly updates with you. Devtron’s June release is packed with powerful features and enhancements we crafted to streamline your workflow and unlock new levels of efficiency.

What’s New

Software Distribution Hub (Previously called Releases)

In this new version of the Software Distribution Hub, we've introduced enhancements to improve software distribution across multiple customer environments:

  • New 'Installations' Entity:  Along with the previous ‘Tenants’ concept we are introducing a new entity 'Installations'. Each installation represents a distinct customer environment (e.g., Dev, Stage, Prod), allowing for more granular control and management of software distribution. This new approach provides better separation and isolation between a customer's various environments, enabling more precise management of software distribution across different stages of their infrastructure.
  • Rollout History: We've added a Rollout History feature, allowing you to track and manage software distribution more effectively.
  • Improved RBAC: The Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) system has been enhanced. Previously, only superadmins could execute deployments through releases. Now, users with appropriate permissions can trigger releases for specific destinations, providing more flexibility in managing software distribution tasks.

Custom Schema for Deployment Template

Currently, Devtron offers a pre-defined GUI for the deployment template, allowing users to configure ports, resources, and other settings. As an enhancement, support for a custom schema for the deployment template is now being introduced. Now super admins can define fields of GUI for the base deployment template using a JSON schema, dynamically adjusting the deployment template's GUI to align with the specified schema.

Cloning All Services to New Environment

We're introducing our new Environment Cloning feature, a powerful feature designed to streamline your workflow and save valuable time. This feature allows users to clone all services, workflows, and pipelines from one environment to another with just a few clicks. Environment Cloning eliminates the tedious manual setup process and ensures consistency across different environments.

Clone All Services to New Environment
[Fig. 1] Clone All Services to New Environment

Organization Name on Devtron Instance

We've rolled out a new UI enhancement, where you can now customize your Devtron dashboard with your organization's initials or name. This feature allows for easy identification when working across multiple Devtron instances, preventing confusion and potential mistakes.

AWS Code Commit Support in Git Account and GitOps

We've added AWS CodeCommit support to both Git Account and GitOps features. Users can now seamlessly integrate their AWS CodeCommit repositories, expanding version control options and streamlining workflows for teams using AWS services.

What has Improved

Deployment Window

We've enhanced our deployment window configuration process to improve user experience and efficiency. Previously, deployment windows were configured through API calls. Now, we've added an option to configure deployment windows directly in the Global Configurations tab.

Deployment Window
[Fig. 2] Deployment Window

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with the system executor for in-cluster operations.
  • Resolved panic occurrences in application groups on the build and deploy page.
  • Addressed unintended outbound API calls in air-gapped Devtron installations.
  • Fixed an issue where the force delete modal window was not functioning as expected.
  • Resolved problems related to config approver and lock config permissions.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a 403 Forbidden error when trying to open a pod restart snapshot on the app details page.

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