Recap of 2022 at Devtron.

TL;DR: Devtron is serious about both fun and work. The year 2022 was a blast with lots of fun activities, team excursions, community engagements, and product enhancements.

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By Jyoti Sahoo

2022 has been a roller-coaster ride for Devtron. We are witnessing immense interest from the Open-source community in adopting Devtron as their defacto platform for managing and executing Kubernetes. While we saw an increase in OSS adoption we were able to successfully grow our clientele.

Diwali came with a gift: Series A funding of $12Mn to further our vision of providing DevOps practices with a new spin and simplifying application building and deployment with Kubernetes at the core. At the same time, we sponsored events like DevOpsDays India, Hacktoberfest by DigitalOcean, and KCD Chennai. We also conducted went on team excursions to Srinagar.

Here is a recount of some achievements and noteworthy milestones that we have achieved in 2022.

Key Features releases

While these were the critical feature releases this year, we also made an effort to update the product's core. From Argo CD to Clair, all dependent repositories were updated by our Back-end team to their respective latest versions, so our users get everything. The front-end development teams echoed the effort. Devtron also boasts an improved UI and simpler UX.

DevOps Days India Bangalore

DevOpsDays India at Bangalore was a part of an international series of technical conferences covering software development, IT infrastructure operations, and much more. Speakers and attendees come from diverse organizations to attend the event. Devtron was a proud sponsor at that event. Abhinav Dubey had a chance to demonstrate to an audience of over 300 people how easy it can be to set up pipelines and build highly resilient, scalable infrastructure using Devtron. While we delivered talks, distributed goodies, and talked to practitioners of DevOps, we were also trending on Twitter with our hashtag DevOps War story.

Read more on the DevOpsDays event Devtron Sponsored.

A "Series A" Funding of 12Mn

Devtron secures a $12Mn funding

We were delighted to announce our funding of $12M led by New York-based private equity firm Insights Partners and participation from Leo Capital, among other marquee angels.

The funding round is an early testament to our vision of giving modern DevOps practice a new spin as we simplify modern application building and deployment with Kubernetes at the helm.

Devtron has reworked the platform in the last few months to be positioned as "DevOps in a box" to assist companies in navigating the complex world of cloud-native and DevOps tooling. With the "DevOps in a box" approach, high-growth start-ups and mid-sized enterprises can focus on building their core business and competitive advantage.

Read more about Devtron's funding story.

100th release of Devtron

We were excited to announce our 100th release with new exciting features for the open-source community! As part of our continuous efforts to make Devtron more accessible and easier to use, we included new and exciting enhancements in the recent release. This release further improves the user experience for Developers and DevOps.

Key Highlights of the 100th Release

With the latest version of Devtron,

  1. You can now troubleshoot cluster issues
  2. Deploy images from external tools using Webhook API,
  3. Connect to third-party applications via External Links etc.

A peek into the 100th release at Devtron.

First Offsite Since Covid

Post covid, we had our first team meet and offsite in Jun '22, which allowed us to meet and know each other. Hence it was decided to have an exploratory offsite at Kashmir with no agenda. We had Bonfire, barbecue dinner, and a small trek to Pari Mahal with a lavish dinner at Adooz! The experience was terrific; everyone opened up to their most authentic form. Exploring the beauty of Kashmir and enjoying the sunset during the Shikara ride felt enlivening.

The second Offsite of 2022

The second offsite planned in Oct '22 was again about rediscovering oneself. With this objective, the location was consciously chosen amidst nature at Manesar, where the brimming sunlight gave warmth, and birds chirping kept the energy on! It was an eye-opener with different team-building activities, and towards the end, everyone knew that they had more to give than they knew. With that enlightenment, it was also about celebrating togetherness and sharing camaraderie. At Devtron, we strongly believe in giving our best and redefining our benchmarks! Such offsites always allow us to reflect, introspect, rediscover and resurrect our hidden potential.

Devtron is a growing organization exponentially and we are in the process of transforming how organizations use Kubernetes. Be a part of the change. Check Careers at Devtron.

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